Karla Tafra
Karla TafraKarla Tafra is a yoga teacher from Croatia, now living in Malaga, Spain. She first encountered yoga due to having back problems over ten years ago, and has continued practicing ever since. Her love towards yoga pushed her to become a teacher, so she finished her RYT200 at Gaia […]

WAFFL interview: Karla Tafra

Valerie Adcock
Valerie Adcock, Perfition Fitness Valerie is a Nationally Qualified Figure competitor and Certified Fitness Trainer on the East coast of USA. She is studying to get her Doctorate in Chiropractic and has extensive knowledge about Spinal biomechanics and anatomy, Biochemistry, Neurophysiology, and Clinical Nutrition to name a few. All of these factor […]

WAFFL interview: Valerie Adcock

Jollia Fung - Rosy Cheeks Project
Jollia Fung, Rosy Cheeks Project Jollia’s passion of nutrition, is evident in her delicious, yet healthy recipes. She is the Founder of RosyCheeksProject where she writes about optimal gut health. Jollia is constantly exploring the natural ways of healing the gut and creating recipes which not only repair, but also please […]

WAFFL interview: Digestion with Jollia Fung

WAFFL interview: Martial Arts with Nick Wood
Nick Wood, Martial Arts Instructor Nick Wood is an International Qualified Martial Artist who holds a few black belts, International Competitor and a Professional Health and Fitness Trainer. Born and raised in New Zealand , like most, Nick got involved in various sports at an early age. It was not until Nick discovered Martial Arts that he was inspired to […]

WAFFL interview: Martial Arts with Nick Wood