Man burnout
“Doctor, I don’t even know what prostate is and you telling me to get it checked?” When it comes to speaking to male patients about the prostate, three questions are always asked: What is the prostate? Where is my prostate ? Do you really have to examine my back passage? […]

What is my Prostate?

It is World Cancer Day on 4th Feb, so here at WAFFL we want to reflect on what part we can play in this important event. The “Big C” is on everyone’s lips. People are scared of it and understandably so. There are many who are fighting it, have survived […]

Cancer – do you have peace of mind?

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by Dr Anthony Egboh, WAFFL Doctor There was once a time when the mention of a lump wasn’t given a second thought. Comments like “it’s just a lump”, or “just leave it alone, it’ll go away on its own” were commonly said and believed. Fast forward to the present day and now […]

Doctor, I Feel a Lump

Go lighter for better health and be mindful of brown food to reduce your risk of cancer Brown toast and spuds are “potential cancer risk”, says food scientists, the culprit is acrylamide; a cancer chemical which is formed when starchy food is cooked at high temperatures and cakes, chips, bread, biscuits, chips, toast, and coffee are […]

Favourite Food & Cancer Risk – the brown stuff

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Men generally are not known for seeking early medical help regarding illness. Usually it requires something serious or prolonged before a visit to their doctor or the hospital emergency department. However there are important signs that no man should ignore. Such signs if caught early will allow prompt treatment, management and help […]

Men’s Health Week

Healthy food
With so much information floating around these days, it’s difficult to deduce the correct steps that need to be taken to reduce the risk of cancer. Below are 10 lifestyle suggestions that would greatly improve your chances of not developing cancer. Also included, are special suggestions for cancer survivors. Maintain […]

10 Things You Can Do To Help Prevent Cancer