Sleeping in bed
You’ve had a rough day and you’re shattered – finally you get into bed, ready for that well-deserved kip. There’s a problem – you just cannot seem to fall asleep. You’ve tried everything – shuffling the duvet, re-adjusting the pillow, listening to relaxing music. When you finally doze off, your […]

Sleep and the Importance of Melatonin

Standing Desk
Regular use of sit-stand desks can be beneficial to maintaining weight levels when combined with other low-intensity activities says ScienceDaily who reviewed a newly released study by University of Pittsburgh. They say that alternating positions between standing and sitting while performing desk work could make the difference in whether the […]

Standing Up for Weight Management

Michael Phelps in the 400 IM
Watching the Olympics has been an amazing experience. The feats of medals that have been delivered by Team GB, the pain and joy expressed by athletes and commendable sportsmanship has been a wonder to behold. I honestly could not help to be moved by a number of broken records and […]

So what did YOU learn from the Olympics?

yoga meditating
The average adult takes between 17,000-30,000 breaths per day. Every single one of those breaths are done unconsciously. But the minute you switch from unconscious breathing to conscious breathing, you experience significant physical and mental benefits. Conscious breathing can improve your ability to concentrate; increase your athletic performance; reduce stress […]

Breathing Exercises to Help You Think, Perform and Sleep Better

Myrtle Beach Group men
Men generally are not known for seeking early medical help regarding illness. Usually it requires something serious or prolonged before a visit to their doctor or the hospital emergency department. However there are important signs that no man should ignore. Such signs if caught early will allow prompt treatment, management and help […]

Men’s Health Week