osteoporosis waiting room
What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is weak brittle and fragile bones due to loss of bone tissue and poor hormone regulation. This medical condition affects both men and women but plant base foods and supplement can help to improve bone strength. Weak bones causes Some contributing causes are medication, acid foods, […]

Eat for strong bones – Osteoporosis?

healthy heart
Heart health and working out go hand in hand.  But while some workout to keep their heart healthy; others may be concerned about the health of their heart during workouts. Even for those who have heart disease, staying active is important. This is because exercise keeps your heart muscle strong. […]

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

apple watch sport
Wearable technology has made huge strides over the last few years, with no area more profitable than sports and fitness. Within sports and fitness, the 2 main devices are fitness bands and sports watches. Some fitness bands have smartwatch features and vice versa. Even so, there are fundamental differences between […]

Smartwatch vs Fitness Bands

alcohol hangover
Just a thought… The general thought among experts is prevention is better then cure. However a recent article from the BBC commented that health problems related to poor diet, drinking and smoking are costing the NHS in England more than £11bn each year. This is unsustainable and with the crippling […]

Is prevention better than cure?

What is vitamin D, and why is it so important? Well, vitamin D enhances the body’s ability to absorb calcium – preventing brittle bones and promoting growth in children. Vitamin D also provides immunity boost for the body too. On top of these benefits, vitamin D has been linked to […]

Importance of Vitamin D

autumn exercise
We have all enjoyed the warm sunny days and as we step into the new season, there are few things to pay attention to really boost your health in autumn. Adjust to Environment Change Autumn not only brings on cooler temperatures, but also shorter days and longer nights. Take advantage […]

Tips for Being Healthy in Autumn

Sleeping in bed
You’ve had a rough day and you’re shattered – finally you get into bed, ready for that well-deserved kip. There’s a problem – you just cannot seem to fall asleep. You’ve tried everything – shuffling the duvet, re-adjusting the pillow, listening to relaxing music. When you finally doze off, your […]

Sleep and the Importance of Melatonin