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Clean Eating helps to repair your body and gave you strength while process or refined foods are classified as junk food with has a negative effect on your health.  Packed lunch has become less popular as grab and go meals proven to be more convenient and practical, but what about the “clean eating” […]

Clean Eating – Great Choices

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Your oral health is always at risk, so ensure you revise your dental health care to protect your smile from tooth decay. It’s National Smile Month between the 15th May – 15th June 2017 and reaching more than 50 million people annually with its 40 years mantra, the organisation is still the […]

Smile – good oral hygiene and food

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Chemical laden foods – is it time to protect your health from inorganic or conventionally farmed foods: Our hectic lifestyle can result in our dependency on our food from external sources and with no questions asked well we are likely to take what is available and therefore we can get […]

Eat Organic to Protect your Health

Go lighter for better health and be mindful of brown food to reduce your risk of cancer Brown toast and spuds are “potential cancer risk”, says food scientists, the culprit is acrylamide; a cancer chemical which is formed when starchy food is cooked at high temperatures and cakes, chips, bread, biscuits, chips, toast, and coffee are […]

Favourite Food & Cancer Risk – the brown stuff

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s the happiest season of all” – this popular Christmas song reminds me that the festive season is drawing near and people who celebrate may be contemplating their perfect Christmas Trimmings for a joyous outcome. Christmas is an annual festive season which […]

Christmas Trimmings?

Most people have experience forgetfulness and it becomes annoying when it is repetitive. Dementia Dementia is a serious problem that affects your memory. Dementia is not considered to be a disease but a catalogue of symptoms that eventually lead to memory loss. Currently 850,000 people in the UK have dementia and an […]

How good is your memory?