St. Patrick’s Day Traditional Food – How do you like yours?

Irish Stew

It is normal to enjoy your traditional food and today “St. Patrick’s Day” is no exception but did you follow through with the actual meal or did you have reason to modify it.

St. Patrick’s Day is a global celebration of Irish culture on or around 17th March. It is said to commemorate St. Patrick who was one of Ireland’s patron saints, who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the period of the fifth century.

The celebration of the traditional foods is said to include Roast Leg of Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic, Potato & Irish Cheddar Rolls, Bacon, and Cabbage pies, Beef and Guinness stew, Irish stew to name a few – some people may choose to alter or modify the traditional food for several reasons such as medical issues, lifestyle choices; ethics so becoming a vegan. Perhaps adopting a vegetarian lifestyle instead and so on.

St. Patrick’s Day food – fruits, vegetable nuts and whole grain are said to support good health and the old proverb states too much of one thing is good for nothing.

With that said, acid-alkaline balance foods are linked to better health and so dominating the meal with the existing amazing vegetable is a great way to have your food. Fruits and vegetables help to steady blood sugar, helps the body to burn extra calories and it also aid digestion.

Guinness is loaded with health-boosting nutrients such as antioxidant which is also known to be in fruits and vegetables as well – other good stuff although the black drink is said to be ok for us, we need to be moderate on tap.

The traditional drink Guinness is said to provide more health benefits than wine, so just as well!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Alison Henry

by Alison Henry, WAFFL Nutritionist

Alison’s dedication to her clients’ nutritional needs has meant using innovative tools and techniques to help clients reach great health.

Alison specialises in correcting long-term and recurring health issues. She also conducts a thorough assessment of her patients’ dietary and lifestyle choices to bring a solution for wellness.