My Sweet Valentine – Food Hamper of Love!

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Shopping for your sweet Valentine is another exciting time as some people celebrate and boost their love and romance especially in this period.

So, have you thought through your Valentine present as yet? 14th February  2018 many people would be celebrating love and romance as this exciting international moment draws near, you may be pounding on that special gift for that special someone!

When compared to chocolate and other traditional Valentine special gifts, “romantic food hampers” can be equally attractive and very special, especially if they are “beautifully and romantically arranged” with succulent personalised delights.

So, if you are still pondering, well cheers to something different as your “romantic food hamper” win the heart of a memorable moment.  And so, in every celebration healthier nutrition holds truth as it delivers much-needed energy boosting vitamins, minerals and antioxidant topped with natural food sugar and fibre for nice steady energy – and better health.

When choosing your special assortment of romantic foods – keep it vibrant, the food texture is important and natural food aroma, rocks – science has linked food scent to powerful effects on the brain as it boosts productivity and focus, so no excuse to nap off on the day.

Dip into condiments – not just for breakfast – tasty condiments are versatile and their vast choices include, pineapple, strawberry, blueberries and several exotic fruit chutney and these complement healthy chips dips.

Be creative and toss up sweet and sour battered finger foods with dark colorful vegetables serve with creamy herbs sauce.

Tamarind spicy and savory mini balls – you can add these to your delight.

Old habits die hard and so the renowned classic of all times is a perfect addition to the day – finger licking raw chocolate mixed with caramel and cinnamon spice to crush and mix with coconut cream for that silky texture –  perfect dips for your fruit cocktail sticks.

And so, few splendid food ideas that you may wish to enjoy with your “Sweet Valentine “.  Regardless of the reason to celebrate it’s equally important to remember healthier nutrition fun gifts which will never go out of fashion.

Alison Henry

by Alison Henry, WAFFL Nutritionist

Alison’s dedication to her clients’ nutritional needs has meant using innovative tools and techniques to help clients reach great health.

Alison specialises in correcting long-term and recurring health issues. She also conducts a thorough assessment of her patients’ dietary and lifestyle choices to bring a solution for wellness.