Cancer – do you have peace of mind?


It is World Cancer Day on 4th Feb, so here at WAFFL we want to reflect on what part we can play in this important event.

The “Big C” is on everyone’s lips. People are scared of it and understandably so. There are many who are fighting it, have survived it and unfortunately those who have died from it.

Due to this fear and worry, people try initially to identify their symptoms, search the Internet, formulate a diagnosis and not surprisingly come to the conclusion that they have cancer. Then consumed with fear from the Internet, they then visit a doctor for further validation.

Cancer can present in many forms and also a range of different symptoms. Some experts think of it as an evolving illness due to the nature of its progression. Treatments therefore take a similar approach with continued development in medical advances and better diagnostics.

Let’s not dwell on cancer itself but look at it holistically by obtaining the knowledge and action needed to try to prevent it. With a healthy lifestyle in mind, at the very least your mind and body will be stronger to resist and not succumb to cancer.

Ideally prevention is and will always be better than cure. As a GP doctor its difficult to see people smoking which is a proven risk factor for lung cancer. Engaging in unhealthy diets linked with numerous cancers. Not having regular smear tests to screen for cervical cancer. Not taking regular exercise which leads to obesity another common cause of cancer. Drinking excess alcohol thereby increasing the risk of liver cancer.

By leading an unhealthy lifestyle, people may be scared of cancer however equally may be failing to consider what they should do to prevent it.

Those with or who have battled cancer mostly share the same approach and opinion which is they have had to change their lifestyle in some way to accommodate their diagnosis.

Therefore support World Cancer day by volunteering, fundraising and purchasing bands for cancer research throughout the year. However it’s also important to have, action and gain that peace of mind knowing you are doing all you can to reduce your chances of the Big C.

Dr Anthony Egboh

by Dr Anthony Egboh, WAFFL Doctor

Dr Anthony Egboh (MBBS, BSc, AICSM, MRCGP) is a London-born General Practitioner (GP) with interests in Health and Well-being for families.

At WAFFL he brings his medical insight and expertise to the team. He is a firm believer in striving for better health – ensuring that fitness is a lifestyle choice, not just a part-time habit.