Cancer – Fight Back with Healthier Eating Nutrition!

close up of women with cancer awareness ribbons

Today, 4th February 2018 marks another “World Cancer Day” and it denotes a day to unite in the fight against cancer, but how are you fighting to win?

Considered the most feared health challenge, cancer is life-threatening as it grows and spread to eventually take over your body.  There are in excess of 200 different types of cancer, so it is continuous work to research a cure. Cancer does not discriminate (all ages, gender, and race are at risk) however, some people are more likely to experience certain types of cancers incidence based on their race and ethnicity (said to be diet related).

According to studies, cancer is caused when the body cell DNA gets damage and under normal healthy conditions your body would repair the damage, however, this process is interrupted by a faulty mechanism and the unrepaired damage cell eventually spreads.

Survival rates – fewer people are dying from cancer indicated by the 25 years all-time low from the American Cancer Society annual report.  Further-more survival has doubled in the last 40 years according to Cancer Research UK –  advance treatment, medication and early diagnose by Doctors had a great part to play – with that said, globally over 12 million cancer suffers have been cited so effectively the good efforts continues.

Several studies have linked healthier eating diet and a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer, perhaps cancer suffers need to consistently and strongly include healthier habits with a strong staple plant-based diet, good nutrition, and a holistic approach as well.

Here is some cancer-related information which you may find useful for all aspects of cancer:

The Good:

  • Eat organic cancer fighting foods
  • Eat green leafy vegetables
  • Eat healthy fats
  • Eat natural raw super foods
  • Holistic health healing plan
  • Eat antioxidant foods
  • De stress to balance hormones
  • Sleep well / Regular health checks
  • Anti-inflammation foods
  • Boost brain health – peace & happiness

The Bad:

  • Carcinogenic foods (cancer causing)
  • Chronic stress
  • Fake engineered foods
  • Smoking and excess drinking
  • Sugar
  • Obesity

And the Ugly:

  • Poor consistency health care
  • Poor consistency with healthy eating
  • Sea food chemical laden
  • Meats hormonal, chemical laden
  • Don’t miss out nature’s natural foods. Don’t miss alkaline water
  • Don’t miss correct treatment – Doctors
  • Don’t miss complementary natural health care

From a suffer to a survivor – try to also include the best nutrition ever, eat healthier foods – “cancer-fighting foods” and great support is important.  Consistency with a good healthy practice is very important from every aspect of cancer.

Extra support and professional help are both necessary throughout your winning journey – try to include holistic health into your healing plan as well.

Alison Henry

by Alison Henry, WAFFL Nutritionist

Alison’s dedication to her clients’ nutritional needs has meant using innovative tools and techniques to help clients reach great health.

Alison specialises in correcting long-term and recurring health issues. She also conducts a thorough assessment of her patients’ dietary and lifestyle choices to bring a solution for wellness.