Food, heart blockage – Eat nuts!

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Eating nuts can protect your heart. Eating unhealthy foods may damage your heart walls, elevate your cholesterol and eventually block your heart to sudden death. 190 people die every day from heart blockage in the UK.

Cardiovascular or heart disease is Americans leading killer and it kills 190 people every day in the UK.  The nut eating news is another step forward to halt this common lifestyle-related problem in its track.

Since early 1990 we had publications that eating nuts support heart health and a recent news release from the American College of Cardiology said that eating specific nuts can protect our heart from cardiovascular disease such as a coronary blockage.  The release info suggests that we can reduce our risk by eating – “peanuts, walnuts, tree nuts and peanut butter a few times a week” –  The Mediterranean diet is also said to be heart friendly.

Coronary Heart Blockage – can you imagine a kettle with limescale or even a shower head, well the blood supply to our heart the coronary artery gets clogged with cholesterol (plaque) and the outcome could be fatal.

Who is at risk from coronary heart blockage? –  It’s linked to unhealthy fats, high sugar foods, smoking, excessive drinking.

Nuts reduce heart blockage – Nut offers vitamin, minerals, omega and other plant chemicals which are uniquely higher in nuts.  Nuts consist of complex carbohydrate, fibre, protein, Vitamin E, non-sodium minerals and phytosterols and polyphenols and l-arginine which aids artery wall flexible for improving blood flow.

Omega-3 EFA plant vs animals – both sources offer anti-inflammation prevention and improvement for your coronary health as these helps to normalize LDL, triglyceride and other blood fats as well.

Omega-3 EFA animals source includes EPA and DHA – and these are readily available and easy for your body to use but its commonly linked to sea toxins such as mercury and a host of other unpleasant chemicals.

Omega-3 EFA plant source includes EPA and DHA – this version is not readily available and so your liver must convert it so that your body can utilise it.  This version is deemed as, cleaner.

Nuts fibre – Unlike plant food animal and creatures have no dietary fibre but luckily plant have and so it offers extra heart-health benefits as fibre binds excess cholesterol to excrete via your stool.  This is another known plus for eating plant food.

Love nuts –  Well add them to your favourite smoothie, salad, yogurt or your low-calorie meal.  Nuts are great healthy snack food especially if you are constantly on the go. Perfect nut food as it steady blood sugar so great for diabetics too. Nuts are easy to pack away and very easy to transport – it also inexpensive.  Studies have shown organics and raw nuts are your best bet.

Hate nuts but love your heart – Ok, so you are not alone.  Quality probiotics can help to breakdown nuts or you can pre-soak nuts as this activate their enzymes for better digestion.  While nuts unique profile offers better heart health option other studies have shown that beans, apple, blackberries and other fibre foods, isolated omega such as flaxseed oil and a good Mediterranean diet are also a good coronary heart-healthy choice.


And so, a handful of nuts a few times a week is what your heart desires the specific nuts unique profile means adding just those for your coronary heart health – not forgetting to include a good Mediterranean diet which is also favourable.

Balance your nutrient dense nut with a complementary low calories healthier foods so that you enjoy this superfood in favour of your coronary artery as this lifestyle-related problem must not claim another life.

Alison Henry

by Alison Henry, WAFFL Nutritionist

Alison’s dedication to her clients’ nutritional needs has meant using innovative tools and techniques to help clients reach great health.

Alison specialises in correcting long-term and recurring health issues. She also conducts a thorough assessment of her patients’ dietary and lifestyle choices to bring a solution for wellness.