Belly Fat –  meals and tips…

belly with tape measure

FACT – Healthy Eating can help you to lose belly fat and reclaim your waistline. Your belly fat is far more than just vanity it is a sign of serious health problems.

If you monitor your waist line then you must also watch the food that you eat, but which foods are you watching?

Overeating can change your physical appearance. Studies have shown that overeating can increase your blood sugar and blood fat and these can reward you with a fat belly.

Belly bulge, large stomach or belly fat is bad news it is excess abdominal fat clinically known as visceral fat (bad fat) and this kind of fat hugs your organs to form a puff beer gut or a kind of pregnant shape appearance.

The bad news is that your belly fat is a sign of heart disease and blood sugar problems including type 2 diabetes and some cancers as well. But the good news is that research also has shown that you can regain control of your belly size for a healthier gut line.

The good news –  gradually swap and or includes healthier meals each day until you with are comfortable eating complete healthy balance sustainable meal.

Your old style of eating, well if you really miss it, try to make it the least dominant on your plate.

RDA is 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men, perhaps you can use that as a guide and use low calories foods to help with your belly fat loss goal.

Belly Fat Health Tips:

Avoid – high calories such as;  cakes, donuts, fried and starchy foods such as white potatoes and white bread, sweets and biscuits – so please try to really avoid those.

Note – do remember that your body will store your overeating as fat, so if you are satisfied its best to stop eating until you need to again.

Avoid refined sugars as these are not belly fat friendly and be mindful of any sweet foods as well.

Eating style – eat small regular meals and allow your body time to use it.

Food craving –  these are linked to nutrient deficiency – get tested to be sure.

Late eating – your body need to rest and repair so easy to digest food is important.

Exercise – a perfect addition to supporting your belly line.

Drink Water –  8 glasses is the RDA.  Water aids proper digestion, nutrients delivery, and shift toxins as well.  Research shows that a call for hunger may be a sign of thirst.

Healthy low calories meals to help with belly fat:

Kale, Chickpeas, Chestnut Salad

1 cup of finely diced raw kale (rub in hand ¼ tbsp olive oil, then rub well on kale, stand for 2 minutes).

1-ounce pre-boiled chestnuts then dice.

2 tbsp of precooked chickpeas then crush.

Drizzle about 1 tbsp of your flavor oil free dressing.

Mix well – enjoy

Savory Quinoa or Brown Rice Healthy Meal

2 x ¼ cup of finely chopped sweet marinated red peppers.

¼ cup diced cherry tomatoes.

½ cup precooked quinoa or brown rice.

¼ cup pineapple cubes.

1 tbsp jalapenos finely diced to garnish (optional).

Mix well – enjoy

Yummy Bread Meal Pizza Style

1 average slice of firm gluten free or wholemeal bread.

1 teaspoon of hummus – spread over bread (first).

Sun dried tomatoes gently spread over a thin layer.

Cucumber to completely layer cover.

10 drops of lemon juice sprinkle to garnish.

Eat well – enjoy

Healthy Smoothie

1 tsp raw cocoa

½ tsp Spirulina

1 cup oats, almond or coconut milk

2 x ¼  cup ripe plantain

¼ – ½ teaspoon cinnamon or nutmeg

Blend well – enjoy


Alison Henry, WAFFL Nutritionist