Clean Eating – Great Choices

broccoli beans carrots

Clean Eating helps to repair your body and gave you strength while process or refined foods are classified as junk food with has a negative effect on your health. 

Packed lunch has become less popular as grab and go meals proven to be more convenient and practical, but what about the “clean eating” aspect of convenient meals.  Well, studies have shown that way of eating is not necessarily clean eating since some are loaded with high salt, low fiber, saturated fats and hidden sugar which qualify them for the junk food basket.

Some people are way too busy to stop and read food labels and they are easily caught up with such foods, allocating time to read the food label prior to purchase is a good thing to do as you may be surprised about the  food content such as; chemicals, e numbers, food dye, and fake food flavouring all to enhance the appearance of the food – studies has shown that this common practice is standard because it works well as a consumer marketing ploy and clean eating is not on the agenda.

Clean eating food offers good wholesome plant base natural nutrition which is beneficial for your health, clean eating food nourishes your body, it aids regulation, protection, and repair your body.   Clean eating serves up antioxidant, vitamins, minerals, phytochemical, and enzymes as well.

Go plant base food for “clean eating”.

Try to pay attention to your cooking style so that you retain the goodness of your wholesome foods so steam your food, dehydrate, eat raw such as nuts, warm or cool salads, smoothies and warm soup blends.

Here are some clean eating plant base foods which can also work great as a pack-lunch.

  • Protein – Clean protein: hemp, spelt pasta, broccoli, peas, and legumes, carrots, chick peas, spirulina, oats, quinoa, nuts, buckwheat.
  • Carbs – Healthy carbs, sweet potato flesh, and the skin, pumpkin, wild rice, plantain, quinoa, peas: garden peas and chick peas, beans: kidney beans, black bean, chick peas, brown rice and brown rice, any nuts, dates, fennel.
  • Fats –  Essential health fats:  avocado, olive oil, hemp oil, oily nuts such as; pine nuts, brazil nuts, walnuts.

Finally, balance matters.

Alison Henry, WAFFL Nutritionist