Smile – good oral hygiene and food

beautiful smile

Your oral health is always at risk, so ensure you revise your dental health care to protect your smile from tooth decay.

It’s National Smile Month between the 15th May – 15th June 2017 and reaching more than 50 million people annually with its 40 years mantra, the organisation is still the most effective on the importance of good oral health protection.

Protect your oral health from sugary foods?  Your smile can boost your personality, lift your self-esteem and relationship with others and equally important –  your healthy teeth may help to reduce problems in your stomach since your mouth is the first part of your digestion system to break down the foods that you eat.

Knowing which foods are loaded with sugar could be a challenge as some foods are known to have “hidden sugar”.   According to research sugar is hidden in many foods including; some cereals, tin foods, bread, processed meat, pasta sauces and milk. Sugar is added to some fruit juices and several other foods as well.

Dental hygiene can also help to reduce your risk of sugar exposure so brushing between meals is still the old school thing to do. Be picky about your selection of toothpaste as this can help to reduce toxic material contact in your mouth. Studies advocate anti-bacteria natural plant base toothpaste as an alternative

Natural plant base toothpaste is a good investment as they are known to help balance the normal functions of your mouth and maintain the natural flora as well and good oral health support toothpaste includes – tea tree, aloe vera and Himalaya herbal.

Ingest healthy foods can support your oral health and protect your teeth so try out antibacterial foods such as garlic, onions, echinacea and oregano oil.

Eat well, look after your teeth and keep smiling!