Eat Organic to Protect your Health

chemical laden foods

Chemical laden foods – is it time to protect your health from inorganic or conventionally farmed foods:

Our hectic lifestyle can result in our dependency on our food from external sources and with no questions asked well we are likely to take what is available and therefore we can get caught up in the non-organic food eating.

For people who still doubt the fact that non-organic and organic foods are the same then I strongly suggest that it is time revise the food process matter – quickly.

Non-organic foods are unnaturally grown in chemical soil and also sprayed with chemical application – a health risk – so avoid

Organic foods are naturally grown – genuine organic foods are treated naturally, thus health friendly –  so enjoy

Before the 1930 chemical; fertilizers, herbicide, and pesticides were not used in agriculture farming as the chemical substance degrades the quality of the soil.  Usually the natural soil probiotic bacteria help to balance the soil for a healthy growth, but with man-made chemical application the soil natural mineral are reduced and thus put our health at risk.

Plants naturally produce phyto chemicals to protect themselves from environmental challenges and when eaten this natural protection carries on inside our body, but with chemical laden soil the natural protection for us and plant is impaired.

Some chemical laden foods

Amongst several chemical laden foods here are just a few which you should avoid.

Strawberries – a sex drive booster, a cell hydrating and good antioxidant this popular summer heart shaped fruit screams goodness, but by eating the non-organic version is concerning.   Studies has shown that  54 different pesticide residue which detected in this berry samples and further more strawberries are actually fumigated with toxic methy bromide which sterilizes the soil.  This chemical kills off everything and thus upset the natural living organisms in the soil which and thus put our health at risk. .

Apples – is said to keep the doctor away – or keep you in his practice.  Studies have shown this bowel and liver friendly fruit is commonly sprayed with Syngenta’s Paraquat pesticide and this pesticide under scrutiny as a possible link to Parkinson’s disease.   This common fleshy fruit has shown to have 98% pesticides of the 700 that were tested – mind you the test was conducted on washed apples.

Cucumber – an all time favorite, another great hydrating fruit which can support bone, kidney and bowel health as well – less than 69 types of pesticides were found on cucumber.

Orange peel can make a nice cleansing citrus drink providing that it is free from around 15 toxic chemicals.

Organic Tips

Some Solutions to eat better quality organic foods:

  • Try to support genuine certified organic farmers
  • Try out homegrown food – several food homegrown videos are easy to locate on YouTube
  • Remove the food skin  or avoid as non-organic chemicals substance are absorbed in the food
  • Remain in control and ask questions about the food you choose to buy that way you know that you and your family will eat safer grub loaded with antioxidants and lower toxic material.