6 Foods for “Love and Romance” – Your Sweet Valentine

love flamingo

A great Valentine plan is to include favorite foods and slip into your flamboyant outfit and fire up the starter with my effective food list.

Valentine is linked to love and romance and the annual celebrated is enjoyed by many people around the world in their own special way – food is often an integral aspect to the cocktail of warmth and passion.

So, let “food” set the mood and “words” – well, simply put it on standby…

Love and Romance – my effect food list  

Red Cherry – This elegant small ball shape fruit is perfectly easy to nibble, it’s tender and naturally sweet flesh is sure to surprise an outburst of juice on the first bit.  This tiny seeded food hydrates well and it’s a wonderful appetizer to activate your sweet Valentine taste bud in readiness for your exciting main course.

Red cherries comes on a large bunch vine, so separate them so that only two is on each vine and share them with your special person on a lovely heart shape plate.

Nuts Warm up – No, cashew nuts! It’s another great finger food to nibble between admiring moments – just toss them in a heart shape bowl and garnish them with warm drizzle caramel.

Fruit smoothie – Pineapple, Lime, and Orange are super citrus combos as they awaking flavours keep you alert and boost your energy so little chance of nodding off during your lengthy Valentine celebration.

Chocolate – The real stuff, cocoa raw chocolate is a wonderful investment especially on Valentine’s day, so stock up on this mood-boosting delight and try the finger-size portions filled with blueberries or strawberries for the finger licking experience.  Chill out and also enjoy raw cocoa magnesium mineral which also aids relaxation.

Chilli Veggie Saute on cocktail sticks – So romantically feed your sweet Valentine with an assortment of their favorite veggie – dice them to perfection and insert your romantic cocktail sticks ready to be served – vegetables strongly support health and so another great energy booster.

Red Wine  – It’s a pleasant way to unwind and enjoy red wine tannins colour; procyanidins and resveratrol support your circulation system.  Go easy with the wine 175ml glass is 2 units base on research.

Happy health can lead to happy relationship.

Alison Henry, WAFFL Nutritionist