How your workplace habits can improve your mood and health

blonde woman depressed

We all have good days and bad days but what we eat and when we eat can influence our mood, energy levels, concentration and even how we deal with stress at work. You don’t need to sign up to the latest fads –  a healthy diet simply means regular meals and snacks with a good variety and balance of foods from the major food groups.

Small changes can really make a difference so today the British Dietetic Association highlights some top things that you can do whilst you’re at work to boost your mood this Blue Monday…

  1. Keep regular: 63% of people in a recent survey said that having a healthy lunch makes them feel better in the afternoon – and they’re right! Our mood is influenced by a steady supply of nutrients to the brain so try not to skip breakfast or lunch.
  2. Keep it complex: choosing complex carbohydrates provides blood sugar to the brain so seek out wholegrain breads and cereals, brown rice and pasta, couscous, pulses and beans, fruit and vegetables which can all help with energy levels during the day and enhance our mood
  3. Think brainy: include a range of nutrient dense foods in your diet which are important for healthy brain function. In particular, look for foods rich in iron and B vitamins such as meat, eggs, oily fish, pulses, green leafy vegetables and fortified cereals.
  4. Stay hydrated: dehydration can make us tired, anxious and lacking in concentration.  Adults need 6-8 large mugs of fluid a day even in mild temperatures. Water – either bottled or tap – is great but plenty of other drinks count as well such as milk.
  5. Take your breaks: a lunch break is a good opportunity to rehydrate, refuel and get some activity or fresh air. This supports performance and your positive wellbeing at work.

Source: British Dietetic Association