New Year Resolution – Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition with WAFFL

Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition is a great New Year’s Resolution, but it’s common to fail by the first attempt but psychologists suggest that you seek help as it increases your chances to see your plan through successfully – so is WAFFL the missing link?

According to YouGov 63% of Brits plan a New Year Resolution and with tons to choose from what do you plan to change successfully in year, 2017.

A New Year Resolution is where you plan to make a positive change and see it through. You do not have to battle with your goal according to psychologists. It’s better to seek help than end up with an unaccomplished goal. So if you are contemplating Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition then look no further as WAFFL Health Application and they first class care support team can guide you to the finish line.

WAFFL is a health app which offers comprehensive and effective “Fitness, Nutrition and Wellbeing information and comprehensive training programs.  The dynamic physical and endurance training program is conducive to your goal and thus aids your body into a favourable shape.  Another key component of WAFFL is Nutrition and this is  express through awesome recipes and healthy eating foods which were carefully designed to complement your health plan.

Fitness –  look amazing and feel fabulous in your new shapely body as you action WAFFL array of health programs to help unveil and boost your energy, elevate your self-esteem and get your body back into shape with new strength and endurance.

Wellness – this aspect of health is equally important as stress, insomnia sleep issues and low energy can upset your body’s natural rhythm and these disturbances can delay you from the next awesome level of your health goal such as power training.  WAFFL can help to harmonise your body every step of the way.

Nutrition – research has concluded that in the absence of nutritious food / healthy eating illness awaits a hectic lifestyle and ongoing health problems can deplete your body of vitamins and minerals so don’t miss out on awesome delicious foods from the easy-to-follow list of recipes.

All of the healthy eating recipes were carefully designed to support thus complement your health objective at WAFFL.

And finally, whatever you choose for your New Year Resolution stay focus, enjoy it and try to see it through.

Alison Henry, WAFFL Nutritionist