Christmas Trimmings?


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s the happiest season of all” – this popular Christmas song reminds me that the festive season is drawing near and people who celebrate may be contemplating their perfect Christmas Trimmings for a joyous outcome.

Christmas is an annual festive season which commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ and on December 25th, the religious celebration takes place which includes eating several foods and exchanging of gifts.  It is also important to remember that during your grand food feast try to maximum your health benefit and include more plant base trimming instead.

Tasty trimming

Parsnip – if you are new to this elegant white succulent root vegetable note that it can drive your taste buds wild especially if roasted or deep fried as chips. Parsnip is known to support health particularly if grated and eaten raw (like carrots).  It has many nutrients such as Vitamin C and antioxidant and magnesium – it is a great source of fibre which is good for your gut flora according to scientist – so better digestion.

Red Peppers – Also offer Vitamin C and Vitamin A as beta-carotene, this hydrating fruit (not veg) supports eye health and aids digestion and help your skin to glow.

Cauliflower – It is impossible to forget this might white-ish creamy versatile veg.  Forget trimming and have it as a main – just steam and crush it with olive oil butter and pink salt – yummy.  Add-in this bowel loving fibery food to support your bowel as it may be congested with all the other acid foods. 100g in weight = 80% Vitamin C of your daily amount and 10% Vitamin B6.  B Vitamin is known for converting food into energy and supporting the immune system.

Brussels Sprouts – Let the celebration begin with this little green ball like shape – steam and add them to your favourite stew and enjoy them as a main.  These little green balls, 100g is 141% of daily allowance in Vitamin C. and 7% Iron and 15% Vitamin A – all of which supports energy which may be much needed this hectic time of the year.


So the most wonderful time of the year can truly be wonderful especially if plant base foods dominate the annual festive occasion.

Luckily healthy eating never goes out of fashion so we can embrace each Christmas with better quality health as we adopt and modify our eating habits for better skin, better energy and to welcome several more of this festive celebration.

Merry Christmas
Article by Alison Henry, WAFFL Nutritionist