Crawling – the Fitness Trend for 2017


Forget the hype of HITT and other fitness fads – crawling is set to be the big trend for 2017. We learned it as a baby and I am sure we have used it at other times in our life. No equipent necessary – do it in the home or in the park.

Personal trainer and Lululemon ambassador, Ally Gray, is quoted by The as saying that crawling helps with endurance and stability in the wrists, shoulders, hips, ankles and toes, while promoting a healthier blood pressure, and providing benefits for your back.

Why not give it a try?  Here are 21 ideas to get you started!

Here are 21 different crawling variations to get you started from Redefining Strength. Let us know how you get on.

  1. Baby Crawl
  2. Traditional Bear Crawl
  3. Table Top Crawl
  4. Sideways Table Top Crawl
  5. Circle Crawl
  6. Crab Crawl
  7. Sideways Crab Crawl
  8. Gorilla Crawl
  9. Sideways Gorilla Crawl
  10. Inchworms
  11. Beginner Alligator
  12. Advanced Alligator
  13. Army Crawl
  14. Crawl With Sit Through
  15. Crawl With Pull Through
  16. Plank Walk
  17. Sideways Plank Walk
  18. Slider Crawl
  19. Power Wheel Crawl
  20. Thor(ettes) Hammer Crawl
  21. Thor(ettes) Hammer Pull