Is prevention better than cure?

alcohol hangover

Just a thought…

The general thought among experts is prevention is better then cure. However a recent article from the BBC commented that health problems related to poor diet, drinking and smoking are costing the NHS in England more than £11bn each year. This is unsustainable and with the crippling NHS as it stands, the NHS will not survive.

Thoughts appear to be more related to cure rather than prevention or it is up to someone else to sort this out rather than ourselves. But life long conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and chronic obstructive airway disease that are costing billions to manage have no cure. Therefore should not the mode of thinking be towards prevention?

Though the UK, like many counties, has to tackle this problem as a whole and it is up to us as individuals to help. This involves keeping to a good diet, regular exercises and stopping activities that do harm to our bodies. Promoting lifestyle changes that help everyone and furthermore aid the country. That way prevention is always at the forefront and hopefully our health and well-being will be so too.

Dr A Egboh, WAFFL Doctor