Creating The Perfect Yoga Environment


When it comes to exercise and well-being, yoga is one of the best things you can do to promote a healthy lifestyle. Yoga gives you long, lean muscles so your body feels and appears more thin. Yoga is great for core body strength and increases mental focus, so you can get more done throughout the day. Yoga is also a great way to promote a positive attitude and mental wellness from within, and that all starts with the environment in which you practice yoga.

Your Yoga Environment

Because yoga helps you develop your psychological and spiritual health through synchronizing breath and movement, your environment should be simple and clean in design. Open spaces are best. You’ll want plenty of floor space, so you can set your yoga mat up. If you have hardwood floors you may have to double up on mats to protect your knees. Facing open light or a window for morning yoga can increase your mental focus and make you more alert.

Perfect Yoga Lighting

You’ll want to control the light in the room for different styles of yoga. Deep meditation or yoga Nidra will require a dark space. While morning sun salutes should be done in the bright, fresh morning light. Adding curtains, or a dimmer switch for lighting, to control lighting are both great options. Lighting will have a direct effect on how pleasant you want your yoga session to be. Doing this will help you get into a good yoga groove, making yoga an essential part of your everyday life.

Give It Some Green

Add a little environmentally sweet feng shui to promote peace and a toxin free room with plants. Lush green plants remove toxins by promoting fresh oxygen. Plus, they’re really pretty and with add a little life to a clean room.

Set The Mood with Music

If music helps you get really into your relaxation, you’ll need a stereo or laptop with speakers set up. Music is also great if you live in a big city or noisy environment. Music will help cancel out all those noisy distractions. Since yoga connects the mind, body and soul you’ll want to make sure you can do that and music is a great way to get you and your environment into a yoga state of mind.

Yoga guest article by Silent Yoga