Tips for Being Healthy in Autumn

autumn exercise

We have all enjoyed the warm sunny days and as we step into the new season, there are few things to pay attention to really boost your health in autumn.

Adjust to Environment Change

Autumn not only brings on cooler temperatures, but also shorter days and longer nights. Take advantage of this change by staying at home and concentrating on you. Whether it’s those personal projects which you just have not had the time for, or just focusing on your own mindfulness – autumn is always an ideal time to be productive while relaxing.

Eat More Seasonal Fruit and Veg

It’s so important to eat seasonal produce. These foods are at their most nutritious and flavoursome. Root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, turnips, celeriac and potatoes. Fruits such as apples, blackberries, pears. Legumes such as purple sprouting broccoli, runner beans, spinach. Take the opportunity and indulge your inner domestic goddess (or god) – pies, soups, crumbles, salads.

Immune System

With those dropping autumn leaves also brings those sniffles, colds and (man) flu’s. It’s important to boost your immune system because you are more vulnerable to bugs than you were in the summer.

Invest in vitamins and supplements such as; zinc, vitamin B, C, D, and E3. Take in more raw fruit and veg – especially leafy greens. Garlic is also a game changer.

Keep Moving

A big advantage of the summer is the opportunity to engage in activities outside. As the weather changes, we tend to look at it as an opportunity to be lazy and inactive, which shouldn’t be the case. Focus on indoor activities, which are not only beneficial to your health but also enjoyable. The options are endless; Zumba class, Yoga, Pilates. Indoor gym and sports are great options too.