Refreshing Cherry Juice


This cordial contains sour cherries, which provide melatonin – the sleep hormone. Try and consume a few hours before bedtime for a great night’s sleep!


  • 500g sour cherries
  • 4 tbsp honey/ agave nectar
  • 250ml still water


  • Slice the cherries and remove all pits
  • Place cherries in a bowl stove and drizzle the honey/syrup over the top
  • After 60 minutes add the water, then stir the mixture well
  • Pour the mixture into a pot and heat on the stove
  • Bring mixture to a boil, then immediately drop the heat a few notches so the mixture can simmer
  • After 15 minutes, switch off the heat and let the mixture cool too room temperature (approx. 30 mins)
  • Strain as much juice from the cherries as possible then pour liquid into another pan on the stove
  • Discard the cherry skins
  • Simmer the juice over low heat until it becomes a thick syrup
  • Immediately remove from heat it cool down to room temperature
  • Pour the reduction into a container and refrigerate overnight

To Serve

Place 4 to 5 teaspoons of syrup in a tumbler, then fill with sparkling water. Stir and serve.