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This cordial contains sour cherries, which provide melatonin – the sleep hormone. Try and consume a few hours before bedtime for a great night’s sleep! Ingredients 500g sour cherries 4 tbsp honey/ agave nectar 250ml still water Instructions Slice the cherries and remove all pits Place cherries in a bowl stove […]

Refreshing Cherry Juice

What is vitamin D, and why is it so important? Well, vitamin D enhances the body’s ability to absorb calcium – preventing brittle bones and promoting growth in children. Vitamin D also provides immunity boost for the body too. On top of these benefits, vitamin D has been linked to […]

Importance of Vitamin D

autumn exercise
We have all enjoyed the warm sunny days and as we step into the new season, there are few things to pay attention to really boost your health in autumn. Adjust to Environment Change Autumn not only brings on cooler temperatures, but also shorter days and longer nights. Take advantage […]

Tips for Being Healthy in Autumn