So what did YOU learn from the Olympics?

Michael Phelps in the 400 IM

Watching the Olympics has been an amazing experience. The feats of medals that have been delivered by Team GB, the pain and joy expressed by athletes and commendable sportsmanship has been a wonder to behold. I honestly could not help to be moved by a number of broken records and achievements that some may even class as superhuman.

Without a doubt, the Rio 2016 games were special and a success. One particularly memorable moment for me was Micheal Phelps getting “robbed” of his last gold medal in the last competitive swim of his career. He missed out on gold in the 100m butterfly swim, by a relatively new swimmer Joseph Schooling, who had idolised Micheal for years. Still Michael was humbled and proud in equal measure that he had ended his career with an inspiring twist to his medal collection. Undoubtedly Joseph must have trained extremely hard and carried for many years that focus and drive to achieve his feat.

Then who could forget the Women’s Field Hockey Team GB who won the gold medal for the very first time after defeating defending champions the Netherlands. They went into the games very much as the underdogs, so it was thrilling to see Team GB bring home the gold. Again training hard, believing in yourself and having that collective focus achieved this feat.

Another favourite moment for me was watching Mo Farah’s legendary performance, Showcasing the very fact that even when you trip, stumble, and fall you can still rise to greatness. I can barely fathom the focus and inner will to get back up and do what he did.

But we only get a glimpse of the efforts and sacrifices these tenacious athletes make to achieve more than people would think capable. But I sadly have to ask myself, what do I do to further my own personal lifestyle goals. Obviously we all have boundaries through work and circumstance, but sometimes it’s the boundaries that we place on ourselves that prevents us from reaching our dreams. Sometimes its easier to make excuses than address what we have the power to actually change.

The Olympic spectacle should serve as an inspiration to drive our own dreams to a healthy lifestyle. If we put our mind to it, prepare, make some sacrifices and focus, those well thought planned goals can be turned into thought provoking achievements.

WAFFL is here to aid and support you through your lifestyle progress complementing both fitness and well being. Sometimes what is needed are pointers and trade tricks for you to fall back on which can lead to huge gains. With a uniquely combined team of personal trainers, a nutritionist and a doctor all involved in WAFFL, who knows what you can do……. Who knows, WAFFL may just be what you need as an additional resource for Olympic glory.

Needless to say, a very huge congratulations to Team GB and thank you all for achieving an unprecedented 2nd place in the country medal listings. A word of commendation also needs to go to the Rio organisers but I think its safe to say we all have learned alot from a marvelous event.

However the spectacle still continues with the Paralympics. Lets see what other amazing feats are left to behold…..

Dr A Egboh, WAFFL Doctor

Photo by Karen Blaha