Why You Need to Use Yoga Mat

young woman yoga mat

While yoga doesn’t require much equipment, a yoga mat is important for safety and improved performance.

They yoga mats are mainly to bring an improvement in your balance and coordination which you may lack otherwise. The usage of these mats may prevent injuries which may be caused by the slippery surface. Its’s advisable to perform yoga on a mat rather than on the bare floor. The mat keeps your body warm and the energy which is generated is within your body rather than passed on to the floor. It’s kind of cushioning which makes yours asanas more accurate.

The Benefits of Yoga Mats:

Traction: The primary function of a yoga mat is to provide you with better traction while you’re performing yoga poses. Positioning yourself as necessary for many yoga postures requires your feet to be solidly planted on the ground. Not having good traction could result in injury from slipping and falling. And even if you don’t fall, it can be difficult to fully concentrate on your breathing and poses when your feet keep sliding on the hardwood floor.

Cushioning: Although not its primary function, cushioning between your body and the floor is a big benefit of a yoga mat. Many yoga mats are thin, but thicker mats have become more popular. Thick and extra-thick yoga mats are nice for heavier-than-average person or anyone else who wants a little more comfort out of their yoga mat.

Improved Balance: A yoga mat can actually improve your balance. The soft surface lets your feet sink just a little bit, giving your foot more support. The soft base also allows your foot to roll easier and more subtly for minor adjustments necessary to balance.

Warmth: Yoga mats provide an insulating layer against floors that can sometimes be cold. Lying against the cold floor is not only uncomfortable, but it will also cause muscles to lose their warmth, making stretching more difficult.

Choosing The Proper Mat

There are different types and styles of yoga mats which may differ according to the needs of the people. These mats can be of diverse sizes, qualities, thickness, density, colours, texture and materials. Choosing a yoga mat which is affordable can last for number of years so check well before choosing your mat. Some mats come along with pillows which can also be used as part of the equipment for your asanasa. By sitting and feeling the texture of the mat can help you in choosing your mat. The mat which makes you most comfortable is the one.

Be sure you buy a yoga mat that is long enough for you. Having your feet of head hanging off the mat isn’t going to help you relax. If you are over 6 feet tall, you should buy an extra-long yoga mat.