Benefits of Using Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball

Medicine ball training is one of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning used to improve health, explosive power, and speed. Several styles and sizes exist – some are made of rubber or leather, some absorb load and others bounce really high.

Medicine ball training is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and sizes. There are many advantages to training with medicine balls. They allow for improved range of motion, core strength, coordination, flexibility, joint integrity, and upper and lower body strength.

Medicine balls are ideal for building explosive strength that’s so important for sports performance. The freedom of movement allows for endless variations of exercises that can be tailored to your needs and more importantly, it teaches the body to work as an integrated system, which is key for improving athleticism and sport performance.

Core Benefits

Improving core strength, movement and stability – abdominals, lower back, hips and spine. The core is the body’s centre of power. Using a medicine ball to train the core is perfect because you can perform so many functional movements similar to those that you do in everyday life. Instead of isolating certain muscle groups, you are able to train many different core muscles at once with the medicine ball.

Upper and Lower Strength 

At the same time you’re improving your core strength and stability, you’re also developing upper and lower body strength. A medicine ball strengthen your legs and core when you do squats and lunges. You can develop explosive strength in you upper body by throwing the ball hard against the ground repeatedly with as much force as you can. Also it improves your balance.

Re-Gaining Strength

Another great way to use medicine ball training is for rehab, but make sure you check with your doctor or therapist before doing so. Holding a medicine ball instead of dumbbells or a kettle bell adds an element of variety and fun to a workout. The exercises you can do with them are almost limitless.

Medicine balls come in a variety of weights. Start with a light one, especially if you’ve never worked with one before. You can always use a heavier one as your fitness level increases.

This is inexpensive piece of fitness equipment can add a new dimension to your workout.