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Ginger water can improve your overall health melting fat on your hips, thighs and waist, and you can easily prepare it every day at home! This amazing refreshing beverage will help detoxify your body and burn fat in no time. Ginger water health benefits Regulates cholesterol – High cholesterol levels […]

Ginger Water – Burns Excess Fat!

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In the UK, Bike Week (11th- 19th June) is upon us and we recognise the promotion needed on such an important and enjoyable activity. Since man first had the idea of making the wheel then further developing that idea of placing two wheels together to create a bicycle as a […]

Get Fit, Get on your Bike

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Men generally are not known for seeking early medical help regarding illness. Usually it requires something serious or prolonged before a visit to their doctor or the hospital emergency department. However there are important signs that no man should ignore. Such signs if caught early will allow prompt treatment, management and help […]

Men’s Health Week