Mental Health – 2 Tips for Relationship Resolution?


Relationships deteriorate due to poor communication and isolated lifestyle – these and other factors may impair our social health and wellbeing which leads to ill health.

What is Mental Health

According to WHO (World Health Organisation), health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease.  This week commences mental health 16th May – 22nd May 2016 and the theme is relationship resolution which correlates with social well-being aspect of mental health.

In an ideal world, there is no need for relationship resolution, however, they are several things such as poor communication and isolated lifestyle which can influence the integrity of your relationship with others and lead to mental health depression as well.

Relationship Resolution Tips

Tip 1 – Change the Isolated Lifestyle

Our mobile phones and other 21st-century technology have changed the way that we connect and relate to people, and over time the result of these changes can affect our social behaviour and well-being.

The internet and our mobile phone have dominated our lives:  online shopping is the new market, online games and entertainment to name a few.  The modern day lifestyle behaviour can spiral out of control and destroy valuable relationships and weaken social skills and subsequently increase our risk of ill health.

Hours on a computer is not healthy, as it can eventually weaken your vision, lead to Carpal tunnel syndrome, feel sluggish and weight gain, as we eat to top up used calories and nutrients.

Replenish your relationship and contact your social group and get active again –  according to the NHS Choices UK you can “get fit for free” walking is fun and effective for heart and lymph health too.    Other fun activities include cycling, park games, and skipping.

Grab a bottle of water and / or; red apple juice or pear juice drink or 1 cup orange juice, 1/4 tsp ginseng, ¼ tsp crushed ginger, a dash of lime, ½ tsp raw honey, ½ kiwi fruit or 1 cup of oats milk, 1/4 cup banana, ¼ cup cocoa nibs, ¼ cup oats, dash of agave syrup.

Tip 2 – Improve your Communication

It’s time to talk, our life has become increasing hectic, long days and short night, we are stress out – our ability to stay in touch with other diminishes.

Poor life management can stress and degrade the adrenal glands function, the glands are part of the body communication network (the endocrine system). Adrenal fatigue is not un-common, ongoing problems can lead to a catalogue of illness.

Illness due to mental health includes; chronic stress, depression and exhaustion and these can draw on vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C and B vitamin.  A weaken immunity, insomnia and poor digestion issues, are all contributing factors of Mental Health.  Omega 3, B Complex and cold press rapeseed oil and banana and chia seed and mango can support mental health and Adrenals.

Restore relationship resolution – allocate time, so make weekly contact, listen be compassionate, get active again – it can make a difference.