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Monitor Your Own Health
Follow these 8 simple methods to monitor and be in control of your health: 1. Strive for PERF-ection Apply these steps on a daily basis (Fresh Produce, Exercise, Relaxation, Fibre) Fresh Produce – Consume a good portion of fresh fruit & veg Exercise – Move constantly & consistently. Brisk walks […]

8 Ways to Monitor Your Own Health

Show Confidence
Real confidence is about being true to who you are (and being excited about it!).  It is about knowing who you are as a person and understanding what’s important for you.It’s not necessarily changing who we are to impress people, but rather staying true to who we are as we […]

How to Build Your Confidence

Strongest man on earth - Brian Shaw
Brian Shaw is seen as the strongest man on earth, having won the World’s Strongest Man competition multiple times. So what training and nutrition plan does Brian follow to help in win trophies? His love for the gym dates back to his college basketball days. Today he has his own […]

The Strongest Man on Earth

Squat exercise
Simple exercise, right? Execute correctly and you will have a butt,legs and core to die for! Why Squat? It’s a compound exercise that makes use of multiple, large muscle groups. Great for: Building and developing – glutes, quads, quadriceps and hamstrings Strengthening bones, ligaments and tendons Burning calories What makes […]

Squat. What is it and why?