Sugar rush – your energy friend or diabetes foe?

sugar friend or foe

Sugar is highly addictive and in excess you can lose your limbs. Is it a key contributor towards 7,o00 amputations per year in the UK?

Sugar is similar to a double-edged sword, sugar is “good” it provides energy and sugar could be “bad”, in excess it can lead to diabetes.

Unless you calculate sugar in your food before you eat it, then you may indulge in more than 7 teaspoons (your daily recommend allow), which will put you at risk from sugar related disease such as obesity, diabetes and cancer.  Did you know that a single fizzy drink has 9 teaspoons of sugar?

Sugar is more than empty calories, the drawback of over indulging exceeds the long term damage to your blood vessels and so you may experience cold hands and feet.  Sugar can weaken your vision and delay your weight loss goals.

Excess sugar will becomes poisonous in your body and in defence your body will prompts regular urination, sweating or excessive itchy skin. You may not associated these symptoms with sugar overload or sugar rush, because these issues are also linked to other health related problems.

To avoid the sugar rush and to maintain equilibrium, enjoy artichokes, pumpkin, tomatoes, qunioa, olives, cauliflower, turnip and broccoli and your body will benefit from an array of nutrients such as  B Vitamins, Chromium, Zinc, Folate and Potassium.  

Remain the captain of your health ship and always seek concise information about your foods, balance is important, so avoid over consumption to reduce your risk of sugar related complications.

Do you think we need to reduce our sugar intake? What is your solution?

Alison Henry, WAFFL Nutritionist

photo credit: Sweet sugar, Potsdam via photopin (license)