8 women and weights myths debunked

Young woman weight training. Camera angle view.

Cassie Smith from bodybuilding.com wrote an article about the myths and truths of female body building. She wrote “Don’t let bad information scare you away from training the way you want! Learn the real story behind these eight female fitness training myths.”

  • Myth 1: Women shouldn’t train like men. The truth: Women should train however they want
  • Myth 2: All Women Are in the Gym to Lose Weight. The truth: Not all women have the same goals
  • Myth 3: Women Need Special Protein Powder. The truth: Protein is protein
  • Myth 4: Olympic Lifting Is Dangerous. The truth: Just like anything, Olympic lifts can be dangerous
  • Myth 5: Lifting Makes Women Look Masculine. The truth: Lifting builds muscle and burns fat
  • Myth 6: Women Shouldn’t Take Creatine. The truth: Your body makes creatine naturally
  • Myth 7: The Treadmill Is All a Lady Needs. The truth: Ladies should be lifting, too
  • Myth 8: Being Lean Is the End All Be All of Fitness. The truth: Leanness works differently in each woman


Remember everyone’s body reacts in a different way and at different times when trying to become lean. Don’t expect miracles in only a few weeks. Be honest with your diet and goals. Seek professional advice if you have any concerns.

photo credit: Richard Foster via Flickr (license)