tired yawning business woman
In London you can’t miss that poster advert of a woman yawning and below the solution: a tonic that supposedly will cure you of tiredness. I won’t mention the name. But is this really the case? We have all experienced tiredness at some point. Most of us generally know the […]

Doctor, I’m Just Too Tired

woman with a hay fever
With spring upon us and the prospect of glorious sunshine and beautiful flowers blooming, we have to give consideration to those who suffer during this time. Runny nose, watery eyes, itchy throat, nasal congestion and chest tightness are just some of the symptoms for hay fever which present about this […]

Doctor, This Hay Fever is Killing Me!

Italian Diet
So, your eating style should be an easy choice but with over 40 diets available diet rivals may blur the facts surrounding a healthier food choice which is said to be the Mediterranean diet. Unlike many modern tailored diets the Mediterranean diet (1940 – 1950) is regarded as an inspirational eating habit […]

The Mediterranean Diet Information – Longevity

Man burnout
“Doctor, I don’t even know what prostate is and you telling me to get it checked?” When it comes to speaking to male patients about the prostate, three questions are always asked: What is the prostate? Where is my prostate ? Do you really have to examine my back passage? […]

What is my Prostate?

Healthy Frisch Heart Fruit Bio Fruit Salad Fruits
Shopping for your sweet Valentine is another exciting time as some people celebrate and boost their love and romance especially in this period. So, have you thought through your Valentine present as yet? 14th February  2018 many people would be celebrating love and romance as this exciting international moment draws […]

My Sweet Valentine – Food Hamper of Love!

It is World Cancer Day on 4th Feb, so here at WAFFL we want to reflect on what part we can play in this important event. The “Big C” is on everyone’s lips. People are scared of it and understandably so. There are many who are fighting it, have survived […]

Cancer – do you have peace of mind?