Our Team

Dr Anthony Egboh - WAFFL Doctor

Dr Anthony EgbohDr Anthony Egboh (MBBS, BSc, AICSM, MRCGP) is a London-born General Practitioner (GP) with interests in Health and Well-being for families. Since graduating from Imperial College School of Medicine, he has amassed over 10 years of experience and knowledge - covering both Hospital and Primary Care medical practice.

At WAFFL he brings his medical insight and expertise to the team. He is a firm believer in striving for better health - ensuring that fitness is a lifestyle choice, not just a part-time habit. In addition to his medical background, Dr Egboh enjoys training at the gym, going for runs and is a keen squash player. Read Anthony's blog.

Felisa Vicente-Ucles - WAFFL Personal Trainer

Felisa Vicente-UclesWhen asked what she would be if she wasn’t a personal trainer, Felisa’s response was: ‘’I couldn’t think about anything else. I always wanted to train and help people with their training.’’

A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Felisa has combined academics, experience and passion to provide optimal support and guidance to her clients. Felisa specialises in: Strength and Conditioning, Pregnancy, the Elderly, Weight loss, chronic conditions and injuries.

Felisa’s mantra is, ‘’we are made to move’’, and as a lead fitness coach for WAFFL, she can extend her helping hand to a wide group of people across the world.

Alison Henry - WAFFL Nutritionist

Alison HenryAlison Henry’s mission as a Nutritionist is a simple one: ‘’Helping others to heal’’.

Alison’s dedication to her clients’ needs has meant using innovative tools and techniques to help clients reach great health.
Alison specialises in correcting long-term and recurring health issues. She also conducts a thorough assessment of her patients’ dietary and lifestyle choices to bring a solution for wellness.

For WAFFL her obligations do not change – Ensure users are given the necessary attention to ensure they achieve their health goals. Read Alison's blog.

Alnawaz Jamal - WAFFL Personal trainer

Alnawaz Jamal“There is no better way to transform your life than by alerting your senses and re-engaging your mind and body."

Due to his diligent approach and dedication to each client, Al has developed a reputation for being a results-focused fitness coach.  He has also differentiated himself from the crowd by understanding the importance of fun and excitement in order to keep clients mentally engaged. His specialties are Sports-specific training and Sports Rehabilitation with an emphasis on Fitness and Strength.

As a lead fitness coach for WAFFL, Al will not only make you ‘’faster, leaner, stronger’, but you’ll have loads of fun along the way!