Our Mission

Lifestyle Diseases

Know anyone who has suffered at the hands of Diabetes? How about Hypertension? Heart failure? Colon Cancer? WAFFL team does and we are fully committed to fighting these types of disease. We will play a significant role in stopping the epidemic worldwide.

  • Type II Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
  • Heart failure
  • Colon Cancer

These are some examples of lifestyle diseases – illnesses that are linked to the way we live our lives. We are living in a complicated world, where we are generally living longer but not necessarily better. We are not moving like we should. We are not eating like we should. All of this is compounded by the fact that we have so much stress and unhappiness consuming us on a daily basis.

The Problem

The treatment for lifestyle diseases has traditionally been medicine. This is problematic because the increased reliance on prescription medication has meant that healthcare is becoming more and more of a burden. Healthcare costs are rising – by ‘costs’ we are referring to emotional, physical AND financial.

We need to look at methods to prevent disease. Why? Prohibiting or managing chronic disease gives us an opportunity to avoid the pitfalls described earlier. It also provides a level of empowerment because we would be in control of our own health.

We all know the story. Whether from our local GP, family or friends, we have all heard the familiar line, ’’eat well and exercise to lose weight and get fit’’. Well – it’s not that easy! We need to adopt a change in our habits – how we eat, how we move, how we relax. This is a challenge for even the most disciplined person.

The Solution

The good news is that these illnesses can be prevented or controlled. You can control it. We realise the challenges and we are here to take them on with you.

We need to address our personal needs. We are all different and have different goals we need to achieve. The ‘one size fits all’, approach will not work. Our team is equipped with medical, nutritional and fitness professionals, who have worked extremely hard on creating an answer for you. WAFFL listens to you and your needs and presents a solution. We are here for you.

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