Corporate Wellness Health App

Research into corporate wellness has revealed that employees and corporations benefit heavily. WAFFL’s white-labelled corporate wellness health app is specially built to bring benefits to your employees and customers:

  • Helping people stay healthy
  • Make lasting lifestyle behaviour changes
  • Eating healthy & getting physical activity
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Reduced risks for chronic diseases
  • Target obesity & metabolic syndrome risk factors

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For Health and Insurance Companies

Corporate Wellness programs are rapidly being recognised for their beneficial traits to life and health insurance corporations. Wellness Apps provide access to massive amounts of useful data which insurance firms can use. Also, by encouraging policyholders to attain good health, it means the risk for lifestyle diseases is lowered, which will impact the number of claims made. At WAFFL we believe our app is a perfect tool to enable Insurance firms to profit from mobile health.

We provides real value to your business in the following ways:

  • Unique offering to your policy-holders/employees.
  • Reduce the number of claims and save money.
  • Plethora of Data relating to behaviour & trends.
  • Stimulate end-user activity via reward–laden app.
  • Help the end-user to adopt healthy lifestyle values.

White Labelled Health App

WAFFL will provide you white labelled app built to your requirements with your branding. Services provided include:

  • Software – We will provide support for you. Software upgrades, Quality Assurance, customisation and operations.
  • Telemetry – The app acts as a trend tracking tool, which would provide useful insights.
  • Coach – The app will act as a virtual coach, providing guidance around exercise, nutrition and medical tracking (Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood pressure).
  • Devices – We will build your app which is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. This will cover Mobile and Wearable devices.


WAFFL is a successful health and fitness app for the general public available on the iOS App Store.

  • WAFFL is built around lifestyle disease prevention.
  • Healthy habits boosts chances of avoiding lifestyle diseases.
  • WAFFL creates wellness plans to administer healthy habits.
  • Our wellness plans comprise of Exercise & Nutrition.
  • Plans can be created in real time meaning we can scale.

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