About Us

Yes – we’re the smart folks who decided to name a health company after toasted dough!

Why not? When people think about a waffle they usually think about a calorie rich sugary snack, but a waffle can also be created from several ingredients that are nourishing and beneficial to your health. More importantly, life should be about balance. There is nothing wrong with having a sweet buttery treat whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We Are Fit For Life, WAFFL for short - We started this movement because our team is full of busy people just like you who want to keep fit and healthy, but don't always have enough information to strike the right balance without months of research or costly personal training fees.  WAFFL will put that information at your fingertips so you can more easily match your goals and preferences to the healthiest lifestyle for you.

WAFFL’s mantra on health extends beyond physical appearance

With our varied lifestyles, goals, and body types the topic of health takes on a different meaning for each of us. Do you need to have ‘abs of steel’ to be considered fit and healthy? No. Does your body have to resemble that of a Hollywood Actress or Supermodel to be considered ‘in-shape’? No. Some of the more important questions are: ‘How can I feel better about myself?’ and ‘How can I be the best version of myself?’ WAFFL will help you answer these questions affirmatively.

Whether it is through our App or future products; WAFFL exists with the sole purpose of helping a variety of people achieve their health-related goals. From the professional sportsperson to the novice WAFFL will provide a personalised fitness, nutrition and well-being plan that will help you reach your next level.

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Come and join our online community where we can all work together to improve our understanding of health. Share your story. Inspire and be inspired.

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